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⁠Expand your range of motion through body preparatory exercises, Moving to music, meditative and self-care practices with Relaxation routines. •⁠ ⁠Experience movement as a therapeutic tool to work on different aspects of your personality •⁠ ⁠Discover ways of connecting to yourself through individual, partnering & group activities. •⁠ ⁠Release inhibitions by unfreezing your body language to communicate personal thoughts & feelings. •⁠ ⁠Develop a sense of physical-mental-emotional well-being

Indian Contemplative Traditions through Expressive Arts Therapy: An Experiential Program  A 90 hour

Open to professionals, students, and seekers alike, this course offers a unique opportunity to enrich your life and enhance your therapeutic presence. Discover the connection between expressive arts and contemplative engagement, and explore ways to integrate these practices into your work with individuals and groups. The course will be conducted in a hybrid format (Online along with an Offline retreat in Pune) in May & June 2024. 🌻

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Tripura Kashyap

Dance in Education Workshop

Creative, Expressive, Therapeutic movement for families

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