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  • Hancock Center Scholarship: Study of Dance / Movement Therapy: Wisconsin, U.S.A. 1987-88

  • Ashoka International Fellowship: Research and Training in Indian Dance Therapy. 1992-94.

  • Junior Fellowship: Research/training in Mayurbhanj Chau.  Ministry of Culture, India. 1995-97.

  • Scholarship: International Choreographers Residency @ American Dance Festival, U.S.A, 1997

  • Ashoka Fellow Exchange Travel Grant: Cross-art collaboration with Veronica Olson (Visual Artiste) Argentina. 2004.

  • Research Fellowship: “Therapeutic potentials in Indian dance forms”. Sangeet Natak Academy.  India. 2004-2006

  • Senior fellowship (Dance): Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Delhi, 2012-2014.

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