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Contemporary Dance:
Practices, Paradigms and Practitioners

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This detailed book on Contemporary dance is a much needed narrative for Indian audiences interested in the contemporary arts. To the uninitiated audience and students of dance, the book transmits ample knowledge written in simple, clear language and for seasoned practitioners, it becomes a treasure trove that reminds them of the rich creative contributions of dance pioneers to this amazing form!

Written by a practitioner and a teacher of this art form, the book does justice to what the title promises to deliver ‘Contemporary dance: Practices, Paradigms and Practitioners’ in as succinct a manner as possible.

The discussions on contemporary dance, varied aspects and allied arts related to it, including all the detailed answers to frequently asked questions about contemporary dance, are most enriching. Tripura moves through contemporary dance history and current trends in the west and east with amazing ease, and articulates the similarities and differences, all while holding a stance of almost factual neutrality. The book does not try to glorify one or the other approach, style or technique, but places before readers unbiased articulations of contemporary dance stories and journeys.

The author’s own experiences are blended in with details of her conversations with contemporary dance practitioners. It is fascinating to read what choreographers and dancers have to say about their creative processes and the book gives readers glimpses of what goes on in the minds of these artists as they create brilliant pieces of Contemporary Dance Art

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