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  •  Acted in ‘Creature Winds’ a life-size puppet-theatre directed by Renee miller, Wisconsin, U.S.A. 1988   

  •  Filmed in ‘Stree Srushti’ docu-profile on the film of six women artists of Karnataka by Kavita lankesh (Film maker) 1998. Bangalore

  •  Performed in a Dance-Video ‘Evening’ of Filmmaker Navrose Contractor, Bangalore. 1999.

  • ‘Just a Treffen’ dance duet with Henrietta Horn (German choreographer) Bangalore, 1999

  •  ‘Anguish’, a solo in collaboration with visual artist C.F. John in “The silence of furies and sorrows”. Art exhibition @ Venkatappa art gallery, Bangalore 1995.

  • Choreographed ‘Theatre of Life’ in Collaboration with artist S.G.Vasudev, Bangalore, 2000

  • Choreographed a site-specific dance in collaboration with C.F. John (artist) for an open-air art installation ‘Territory’, Bangalore, 1999.

  • "Facing the wall’ and ‘Blue memories’ dance solos for Art installations of Smita Carriappa, a visual artist at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, 2004 / 2005

  • Performed in Performance Photography: ‘Native women of south India by Pushpamala. N and Claire Arni. March 2004, Bangalore

  • Performed in film ‘Tripura’ made by Neha Sharma (filmmaker) Chennai, 2003.

  • Performed a duet ‘Forgetful Pauses’ with Nakula Somanna (Dancer) in Dance-Video. Bangalore. 2002.

  • Five Site-specific dances in collaboration with 5 visual artists @ ‘Teertha Artists international’, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2001.

  • ‘Walls of Memories’ site-specific dance & Art project in a Dry Well. Collaborated with

  • Visual artist (C.F John) and photographer (T.M Azis). 

  • Supported by India Foundation for the Arts @ Visthar, Bangalore. February 2003.

  • ‘Quilted’ solo at an art event in collaboration with C.F. John and T. M Azis supported by India Foundation for the Arts. Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore, May 2003.

  • ‘WOMAN’ and ‘Dancing wih Dappu’ choreographed for “Chindu” a Dalit theatre group in Hyderabad in October 2004.

  • ‘In the hour of God’ choreographed movement for theatre play directed by Konarak Reddy (Musician). 2004

  • ‘Smashana Kurukshetra’ – choreographed movement for theatre produced by Kadambari Bangalore. December 2004

  • ‘Flight of freedom’ choreographed for Natyanjali group (visually impaired dancers).

  • Performance at Ability Foundation National awards function. Chennai. January 2005.

  • Choreographed dance for theatre production ‘One day in the life of India’ directed by Deepthi Sudhindra (designer). Bangalore. February 2005

  • Choreographed ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ (Mayurbhanj chhau style) for martial artist (Dil Sagar), contemporary dancer (Nakula Somana) and cinematic dancer (Satish) March 2005.

  • Co-Choreographed ‘Woman River’ a dance-theatre production with Deepti Gupta (Dancer) and Keertana Kumar (Actor) based on Poetry by Ujwala Samarth. 2009.

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