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Workshops, Consultancies and Courses.

  • Conducted contemporary/creative dance classes, workshops and training programs for children and young adults in several schools in Bangalore 1989 onwards.

  • Held individual and group experiential Movement Therapy sessions for children, adolescents and adults at Niger Villa studio Bangalore 1989 onwards / NarenJayan studio, Delhi 2014 onwards till present.

  •  Held individual and group movement therapy online sessions since 2015.

  • Resource person for Dance Therapy at Seminars on child sexual abuse organized by SAKSHI, New Delhi, 1994.

  • Conducted several training programs on Creative Dance Therapy for special educators, therapists social workers & teachers in an All India Project, 1992 onwards.

  • Resource person for dance at seminars & Conferences on Creativity, Art Education, Art Therapies, Newspaper-in-Education, Dance Theatre & Art Residencies, 1989 onwards.

  • Resource person for training program ‘Dance Therapy for Dancers’ organized by RASA, Chennai, (1992-94) & NGO’s ‘Sanlaap’ and ‘Sanved’ in Kolkata (2000-2007).

  • Organized Summer Contemporary Dance School at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, 1996.

  • Facilitated workshops at National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad, 1996-97

  • ‘Movement in Theatre’ workshops conducted for students in Rangayana (Mysore), Ninasam (Karnataka) and National School of Drama (Delhi) 1995-2010.R

  • Resource person of World Center for Creative Learning (Pune) to combine dance, music & drama therapies with mentally ill adults and volunteers 2003-2004

  • Resource person to train Shamaik Davar Dance company and diploma students in movement therapy to work with HIV aids affected children. Mumbai / Delhi 2003 onwards. 

  • Conducted 3-day Dance / Psychotherapy workshops ‘My body, my wisdom in collaboration with Shanta Kumar (Psychotherapist) in Bangalore, Madanapalli and Mumbai 2003 - 2009.

  • Conducted workshops on Mayurbhanj Chau for various dance groups including NrityaNrutya, Bangalore in 2005.

  • Conducted workshop ‘Self-Discovery through Creative Drama / Dance’ in collaboration with Mahnoor Yar khan (Drama therapist), Hyderabad in 2005.

  • Mentored ‘Dance in education' training sessions for Kalai kavri (Trichy) dancers in primary and secondary schools in London / other cities in England. 2006.

  • Resource person for choreography @ Tim Supple’s theatre audition/training workshop for actors at Mumbai, 2006

  • Conducted workshop on ‘Creative Dance Therapy’ in Kathmandu (2008) and Colombo (2009).

  • Resource person for developing a manual on Dance-in-education, National Institute of Open learning, Delhi, 2009-2010.

  • Served on panel for selection of emerging choreographers for ‘Gati Summer Residency’, Delhi, 2010

  • Workshop at Siddheshwar Tirth Silent retreat, Tirupathi, 2019

  • Resource person for creative dance, for ‘I-Discoveri’ project in Kandalama, Sri Lanka, 2010.

  • 2-Day workshop on Dance Movement Therapy at Pratimoksha Studio Dubai, 2019

  • Co-conceived and Co-organized chapters of CMTAI in 6 zones of India (North, South, East, West, North-east and Central zones)

  • Online workshops on Therapeutic dance in Education / Therapeutic Movement for Mental Health, Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy, Move on Weekends – Soulsphere / CMTAI / Mental Health Foundation / Muktha Foundation, 2020

  • More workshops on ‘Creative Dance therapy’ at...

Goethe Institute, Gati forum, Delhi, 2009

Global Arts Village, Delhi, 2008

Government Arts College, Imphal, 2010, 

Christ University, Bangalore, 2014, Delhi, 2019

Avishkar, Kandabari, Himachal Pradesh, 2017, 

Piramal foundation, Delhi, 2019, 

Asha Special needs School, Delhi, 2018, 

Place of Safety for Juvenile inmates, YuvaShakti Project, Delhi, 2018, 

Rhythmosaic, Kolkata, 2018, 

EKKA Healers (India), Mumbai. May 2017, 

Indian Institute of Art & Design, Delhi, 2019.

Start-up and CII, Delhi, 2018.

Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa, 2017

Shri Ram School, Delhi, 2019

Poorna Festival of Well-being 2019

Osho youth Festival, Zorba the Buddha, Delhi, 2019

Festival of Creative Arts Therapies, Zorba the Buddh, Delhi 2020

District Institute of Education and Training, Delhi 2019

Dost NGO, Delhi, 2019

Research Centre for Drama Therapy (online), 2021

Jairangam Theatre Festival, Jaipur (online), 2021


  • Conducted 3-day workshop on ‘Dance-in-Education’ in collaboration with Brinda Jacob (Choreographer) at Doodle Den, Bangalore, 2010 

  • Resource person for ‘Creative Expression through Body language’ for corporate companies: Linked In, Colt Technologies, HCL, HAL, American Express, Bosch, NIIT, Rio Tinto, Cushman Wakefield, Infosys etc.

  • Co-conceived, co-organized and facilitated at CMTAI’s ‘Creative Exchange Retreat for Arts Therapists’ at Goa, Cochin and Udaipur since 2015 onwards.

  • Co-conceived, co-organized and facilitated at CMTAI’s International conference on Dance & Movement Therapy in Bengaluru, Delhi and Pune 2015 onwards.

  • Co-created dance workshops for Neuro-Linguistic programming sessions in collaboration with Shinota Consulting, Bengaluru, since 2014 onwards

  • Resource person for Expressive Arts Therapies Conference, Women’s Christian College, Chennai, 2018.

  • Conceived and facilitated workshop at Creative Arts Therapies Festival, Meeraqui studio, Bengaluru, 2018

  • Conceived & facilitated sessions at SAMHATI, Remedial Dance & Movement training program, Bengaluru / Delhi 2017 onwards.

  • Resource person for Dance Movement Therapy at conferences ‘New Trends in Psychotherapy’, AIIMS Hospital / FORTIS hospitals Delhi 2017-18 and NIMHANS, Bengaluru 2017-18

  • Resource person for Therapeutic Dance in Education workshop, Helen O’Grady International school, Coimbatore and Khula Aasman NGO, Mumbai 2017-18, Mothers International School, Delhi, 2019, Birla Vidhyaniketan, Delhi, 2019

  • Resource person for Muktha Foundation (Prevention of Interpersonal abuse / Promotion of mental health projects) Bengaluru, 2015-2018

  • Conceived SAMILANAA, an Arts Festival for children with special needs, Bengaluru 2018.

  • Co-facilitated Creative dance therapy workshop, Psychology Department, Ashoka University, Sonipat, 2019.

  • Facilitated workshop on Creative Movement Therapy at Teri School of Advanced studies, New Delhi, 2019.

  • Resource person for Creative Movement Therapy & Dance in Special Education at Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi, 2019

  • Resource person, National conference on Arts, Recreation and Rights of persons with Disabilities, Aaina, Bhubaneshwar, 2019 

  • ‘Bharatanatyam’ - State street center, Wisconsin, U.S.A. 1989

  • “Dance: Traditional and modern” Prasiddha foundation – Bangalore. 1989.

  • ‘Role of Dance in Indian Society’– organized by International Women’s Association @ Alliance Francaise – Chennai, 2004

  • ‘Creative/therapeutic Dance’ Ashoka’s Open Space Technology event – Pune, 2000

  • ‘My journey in Dance’ - Rangakarmee – Calcutta, 2000 

  • Online Creative Movement classes for Senior Adults organized by Silver Talkies, 2020 onwards

  • Buddhist Psychology intersects with Dance Movement Therapy – Workshop co-conceived in collaboration with Anubha Doshi, Artsphere, Pune. 2020

  • Resource Person for Faculty Development program–Movement Therapy for personal growth, Manav Rachna University,         Delhi 2021

  • Open workshop on the beach front, TanirBhavi Beach, Mangalore, 2020

  • Resource person/Panelist on dance movement therapy at Kolkata Sanved’s summit on DMT for change, 2020

  • Resource person on creative movement therapy, Shaiamak Davar’s winter funk festival, The Happyness project’, 2021

  • Online DMT sessions for mothers only project, Kolkata Centre for Creativity, Kolkata 2021

  • Online DMT session for Unbottle emotions, Trauma Response – a knowledge-based program. 2021

  • Facilitated book reading and discussion of ‘my body, my wisdom’ at Dost’s Book Lovers Forum, 2020

  • Online program on Dance Movement Therapy for Dancers, Lokya Arts Space / Artsphere, 2020

  • Participated in Panel discussion and workshop on dance therapy organized by Health o mind, Bangalore, 2020

  • Online Dance movement therapy sessions for Apsara Dance company faculty, 2020

  • Workshop on Indian dance therapy for Brecha studio Argentina and California Chapter of American Dance Therapy Association (CCADTA), 2021

  • Co-conceived workshop on Chakra System and Dance Movement Therapy in collaboration with Anubha Doshi, Karishma Harlalka (Artsphere) Pune, 2021

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