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  •  Traditional Dance-Dramas for All India Radio Cultural Festival, Bangalore, 1989.

  • ‘Geet Govind’ & ‘Dance Movements from Panchatantra’ for children and young adults @ Indian Institute of World Culture. Bangalore. 1989.

  • ‘Aranya Kiran’: performed/choreographed a dance theatre production in collaboration with Meenal Chaudhuri (Actor), Bangalore, 1994.

  • Choreographed/performed several group and solo dance Productions for Apoorva Dance Theatre Bangalore, 1994 onwards.

  • Choreographed / Performed ‘Faim sous la chaleur’ a dance production supported by Alliance Francaise and performed at the festival of France in Bangalore, 1997

  • Performed / Co-Choreographed ‘And….after’ a dance project supported by India Foundation for the Arts:  Collaboration with Vishwakant Singha and Jhuma Bhasak (choreographers). Bangalore, 1998.

  • 'Trikon’ Co-choreographed / performed a duet, in collaboration with Eko Supriyanto (Indonesian Choreographer) @ American Dance Festival, U.S.A, 1997.

  • Performed/choreographed ‘120 footsteps’ in collaboration with S.A.Rajeevan (musician). 2000

  • Performed/choreographed ‘Six Circumstances’ a Dance theatre production based on poems of R.M. Rilke, supported by Goethe Institute, Bangalore, 2002.                                  

  • Choreographed / Performed ‘Short Story’- Solo production as a tribute to late Ranjabati Sircar (choreographer) with a Production grant from Ministry of Culture, India. 2004. 

  • Co-Choreographed / Performed ‘Tables, Chairs & Conversations’ – site-specific duet with Rajyashree Ramamurthy (choreographer) @ Mars 22/11 pub, Bangalore, 2005

  • Choreographed ‘Squiggles’ site-specific group dance interfaced with architecture for film directed by Oliver Hussain (Frankfurt based filmmaker) in Hyderabad. 2005.

  •  Choreographed ‘Kuch Kshan Kuch Pal’ ‘Fragments’ and ‘Festive Drums’ with Bhoomika dancers, Delhi. 2008

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